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Sam Clarke

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Welcome to Ritual Fitness

At Ritual Fitness we pride ourselves on being Perth’s premier transformation facility, achieving this through our core values, Performance, Education, Transformation.

With community at heart, we provide a fun & friendly training environment. Utilising our Momence & Evolt360 member apps & body scanner we ensure you receive ongoing support, education and accountability to achieve your goals and the results you deserve. 

Our team

Sam Clarke


Sam has been in the health and fitness industry for 18years.😮

Coaching children, professional athletes and everyday mum & dads. During this time Sam qualified as a physical training instructor with the British army, coached for the worlds biggest outdoor bootcamp operator, completed an honors degree in sports and exercise science, became an accredited nutritionist and a remedial and sports massage therapist.💪

All of which has assisted Sam in discovering the path to optimum human performance, education and human transformation – resulting in the opening of Ritual Fitness Gym.🤩

Join Sam’s classes throughout the week and on the Saturday morning bootcamp.

Dave Toomer


Dave has been competing in powerlifting for over 12 years. He has competed at state, national and international level, setting a number of federation records. His current competition personal bests are; 330kg squat (sleeves), 227.5kg bench press, 330kg deadlift and 887.5kg total. Having also trained and competed in strongman, it’s clear that he has a passion for strength sports! 

In 2020, Dave moved from Adelaide to Perth and left primary school teaching to pursue a career in the fitness industry. Dave’s passion is helping people reach their full mental and physical potential through strength training.

Join Dave on Monday evenings for classes at 4:30pm + 5:30pm + 6:30pm

Jane Drpich


Hey my name is Jane Drpich. I have been in the fitness industry for six years. My journey into health and fitness began when I signed up for a 28 day challenge, where I first met Sam who was coaching at the time. 

My results lead me to continue my training and become a member for almost a year, changing my lifestyle completely and finding my passion for health and fitness!

I discovered my love for the industry and studied to become a coach, then eventually became manager at the same gym it all started at!

Initially, I enjoyed training towards the goal of increasing my squat, bench press and deadlift numbers. More recently I have found a love for CrossFit and am excited to continue competing and growing in that field. 

I have found a passion for educating and inspiring others. I love seeing people achieve their goals, and even more so love being a part of the process.

Derryn De Souza


I stepped into my first yoga class in 2010 as a way to stretch out after bootcamp sessions and as a form of cross training in the lead up to long distance running events. My recovery times got quicker and I had less injuries. The noticeable improvement in my training alone kept me going back for more. 

Yoga started to profoundly affect all areas of my life, including my mental health, and I knew I had to dive deeper into yoga so I started my yoga teacher training at The Yoga Space in West Perth in 2012 and completed my training in 2014. Since then I have been teaching vinyasa yoga in the community, in fitness facilities, in corporate organisations and with private clients. 

My yoga journey has evolved over time, with a developing curiosity around the supporting role yoga can take in the recovery from trauma, and as a tool for dealing with stress, anxiety and depression.  

Isabella Frezza


As a runner and passionate about sports and movement, I was initially drawn to Yoga for its physical benefits. I soon realised that the yoga practice has a lot more to offer. Less anxiety, mind-body balance and self-knowledge, more flexibility and physical strength are some of the benefits I have been experiencing. Because of my passion for the human body, mental health and yoga philosophy, I decided to delve further into it and did my teacher training. 

My Yoga journey began in Brazil a few years ago when I did a 100 hours course in Yoga Philosophy. After moving to Australia I completed 200 hours of Yoga Alliance certified teacher training. I’ve also deepened my studies in meditation having taken courses in Mindfulness, Vipassana and transcendental meditation.

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