New Evolt360 body scanner


We have just installed our new Evolt 360 body scanner. You can now track your progress and analyse your results directly on phone using the Evolt Active App.

The Evolt 360 Physique Composition Analyzer, also known as the Intelligent Body Scanner, is a 60-second scan that delivers precise information on a person’s body via more than 40 metrics. It operates by delivering a safe electrical current via the hands and feet.

The difference between muscle mass, fat mass, water, and mineral content is determined by the current’s resistance to flow – a measurement that goes much beyond the one-size-fits-all generic BMI. All readings are personalised for each person, allowing trainers to better build a health and fitness programme.

The Evolt Active App is the best Health & Wellness App for those who are serious about achieving their objectives. The Evolt Active App can provide thorough and tailored help based on the user’s goals thanks to the Evolt 360’s unique bio-feedback collection.

The Evolt Active App includes features such as detailed progress tracking, surveys, and education to help users better understand their bodies and manage their health and wellness journey.

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