Combine Yoga and Strength Training for Amazing Results!


Benefits of Yoga and Strength Training:

Yoga and strength training may seem like two very different practices, but when combined, they can produce amazing results. Although yoga aims to transcend the physical body, and strength training aims to build it, they actually complement each other very well.

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Recover Faster & Stronger

Yoga is the perfect tool to dampen all the damaging effects of the mass building process. The stretching and elongation of muscles through yoga poses is effective at breaking apart fused muscle tissue and restoring them to health. Yoga is like a self-driven massage for the body. Stretching, twisting and pressing the muscles, it brings fresh blood flow and softens any fused tissue. This process is particularly beneficial in the healing and growing stages following an intense weight training session.

Develop Functional Strength

Yoga reconnects you with your natural movement patterns, allowing you to better employ your muscles in more compound and complex movements. Yoga also develops your slow-twitch muscle fibres, which will boost your endurance in the gym.

A Stronger Yoga Practice

Some yoga poses require a certain level of raw strength, and others can greatly benefit from muscular stability and endurance. All of which can be improved through resistance training.

Proportional Power

Muscles grow a lot faster than connective tissues. So whilst your bicep might have the strength to curl a 20kg dumbbell, your elbow might not be able to take the strain. There is one set of actions that yoga is not effective at strengthening, that’s pulling movements. Combined yoga and strength training practice will maximise strength evenly through the body.

A combination of both would have superior health benefits than either one. Plus, you may find that it improves performance in both!

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