Limbar Mums Program – Lands at Ritual!


6 Week Postpartum Program

Limbar Mums 6 Week postpartum course has landed here at Ritual Fitness. Courtney at the Limbar Academy has been working with Women’s Health Physios around Perth for the past four years. She has been educating women on preventing pelvic region injury. As well as, bringing awareness to the new considerations as a mum when returning to exercise.

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The Limbar Mums Journey

To begin with, the program starts with a safe & gentle session in week one. During this session, participants learn how to engage their deep core and apply safe practices in daily life. In addition, each week focuses on strengthening muscle groups specifically for mom duties, aiming to prevent pelvic damage.

As the program progresses, participants can expect notable improvements. By week six, they can look forward to improved posture, increased strength, and a sense of achievement. Notably, techniques for the gym include exercises that knit the rectus abdominals, strengthen glutes, and enhance cardiovascular capacity.

Upon completing the Limbar Mums Program, participants not only gain confidence but also develop a strong desire to continue their fitness journey. They are motivated by the opportunity to join like-minded women in their pursuit of wellness.

Join Limbar Mums Today

If you’re interested in becoming a New Limbar Mum or purchasing a gift voucher, you can visit The Limbar Academy’s Instagram or Facebook. Alternatively, you can email directly to courtney@limbar.com.au. Don’t miss out on this incredible postpartum journey and join us today.

Upcoming course dates

Our upcoming course dates at Ritual Fitness are Wednesday June 21st and Wednesday August 2nd.

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